Strategical to Tactical


Understand the broader view and chose the discipline in you operate. There are multiple ways we work as consulting professional - Strategist, Architect, Analyst and Technologist


Following KISS (Keeping It Small Simple) theory; we focus on designing a plan that is easily recognized by the organization based on these SMART principles - S (Specific), M (Measurable), A (Assigned), R (Realistic), T (Timebound)


Very seasoned with core analysis techniques applicable in day-to-day life like MOST, SWOT and MOSCOW. Collaboration is the key to analysis with all the stakeholders in form of Brainstorming, Focused Discussion, Interviews, Workshop and Design Thinking


We can't stop! Focused to improve service to be in business. Evaluate, Test and Measure our solution at every stage to ensure technology solution don't create huge gaps from the real consumer needs. Believe in fail fast theory to quickly deliver right solution

We are great in doing


  • Requirement Analysis
  • Process Improvement
  • Functional Designs
  • User Acceptance
  • Training

Program Management

  • Vendor Management
  • Proposal Development
  • Bidders Evaluation
  • Business Case Development
  • Workplace Collaboration

Technology Consulting

  • RPA Qualification
  • Blockchain Assessment
  • AI Analysis
  • Intelliget Apps
  • Solution Strategy

Functional Expertise

  • Healthcare - Product Database
  • Healthcare - NHS
  • Healthcare - Non-Profit Ops
  • Healthcare - Payer value chain
  • Retail - SCM & Consignments